Setting Exercise Goals

Setting out on a new workout regime can be an exciting prospect, and this is often accompanied by a great deal of enthusiasm and drive during the initial planning stages. There are many reasons people have to get into better shape, whether it is to lose enough weight to fit into one of the bridal dresses you have had your heart set on for the big day, or perhaps your reason for starting a workout plan is simply to feel better and lead a more healthy lifestyle. Whatever your personal motivations are for working out, it is important to assess your level of fitness and determine if you are going to work towards a set goal, such as reaching your ideal body weight, or shedding a specific number of pounds or inches, or increasing your overall strength.

Setting plausible goals is one sure way to get results. This means setting definite parameters that will determine how long and at what intensity you work out. If you desire to build mass and bulk up with muscles, lifting a high amount of weight for short rep sets will produce more bulky muscles, whereas building long and lean muscles with high endurance requires lifting less weight, and doing a high number of reps in a set. If you are unsure what you want out of your work out regime, it is a great idea to meet with a personal trainer or fitness coach. These professionals can tailor a program to your needs, and help you reach your goals to the best of your ability. Yet the high cost sometimes associated with personal trainers may be a draw back. This may mean that you have to choose between seeking professional fitness training and finally buying that real estate in Mexico. If you decide to go it alone at the gym, there are many resources online, such as fitness forums, or even a blog that has useful information updated all the time, and tips to help you get started, and stay active.

Many people fall off the wagon so to speak, and neglect to stick to their workout schedule one hundred per cent of the time. Perhaps you had a really late night at the office and would rather go home to a good movie than to the gym, or maybe you have the chance to enjoy a lazy weekend instead of sweating it out in an aerobics class. Many individuals find it beneficial to take some time off and celebrate their fitness progress with a break in the routine, yet this is likely going to do more harm than good. Instead of neglecting to work out altogether, perhaps you go for a short jog down the beach while you are at the cottage - or choose to eat a few low fat popcorn flavored rice cakes instead of a bowl of buttered popcorn with your movie.

There are many ways to make smart choices with your diet and lifestyle as you endeavor to get fit. The benefits of leading a healthier lifestyle are numerous, not only will you have more energy, and confidence, the natural endorphins that you release while exercising will help you feel great. Your skin will emit a healthy glow - and you will save tons of money by forgoing that appointment at the botox clinic!

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