Condo Gyms

"I don't work out. I don't have TIME." This is the excuse many busy urbanites give when asked why they don't keep in shape. Between managing the job and taking care of your personal life, there can indeed be precious few hours left in the day for travelling to a gym. However, if you're fortunate enough to have found a unit in a condo or apartment building with its own gym, this excuse just isn't going to cut it. Here are some tips on finding and using a condo gym.

Check for Your Favourite Equipment
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If you haven't yet decided on a condo building and are thinking of looking for one with a gym, make sure you find out what's in the gym, as often the website or representative will tell you only that the building has one. Most buildings have some sort of gym, but not everyone defines gym the same way. For some it's nothing more than a spare room with an exercise bike in it, while for others it's a full service facility with attendants.

Bring Your Own Water and Towels

You'll be sharing the gym with everyone who also owns units in the same real estate property, so make sure you sanitize the equipment before you use it like you would at a club. You should also expect to bring your own water and towels, and perhaps even an iPod as many condo gyms won't have a TV to watch or attendants to provide you with water and towels.

Choose a Time of Day That Suits You

Don't try to follow everyone else's schedule for working out. Instead choose a time that's right for you. Your neighbour friend who sells real estate might be more comfortable working out in the morning, while you find yourself with more energy in the evening. If you like to work out alone, the times least likely to be busy are 9-5 on weekdays because nearly everyone will be at work.

If You Have No Gym

If you already live in a building with no gym, you might not need to go looking through the condo listings to find a new one. In some buildings it's possible for residents to sign in guests, so if your friend's building has one ask to work out with her. Alternatively, propose adding a gym to your building manager if there's extra space in the basement or a spare room.

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