Comparing Cardio Workouts

One of the biggest trends in southern Ontario cities these days is the setting up of home gyms. Oakville, Toronto, Brampton real estate and other cities are seeing an explosion of health consciousness, and people are starting to bring the ideas home, literally. We are here to help you set up the very best home gym possible, and in this article we talk about comparing cardio workouts on the different machines available.

It is important to say right off the bat that there is nothing like an electronic cardio machine when it comes to your ability to compare cardio workouts. You can use the display to gather the information you need, without any type of calculations at all. You just have to be able to compare using the same times for each piece of equipment that you use. This doesn't mean that you have to rent a treadmill. Toronto is full of gym supply companies who are willing to give customers a trial run with different pieces of equipment in store to help them make the best purchase.

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You can also go to a local gym and use their equipment before buying a piece of your own. The YMCA is ideal; generally they have some of the best modern equipment available. Try out the different cardio machines, from the treadmills to the recumbent bike. We can guarantee that you will find that the stair master burns the most calories for the same period, even at lower speeds. The treadmill will be next, then the elliptical and then the bikes. If you're living in a Riverdale, Toronto home with limited space, make sure you take measurements before making a purchase.

Of course, comparing cardio workouts isn't just about the number of calories you burned in a set amount of time. It is also about your general enjoyment of the workout and how you feel once it is done. Still, if you are looking for the quickest way to burn calories off or strengthen your heart, treadmills and stairmasters are the way to go. Once you decide on what type of machine you want, it's just a matter of discussing a specific model with staff at a mall. Or, if you've just bought one of the smaller Scarbourough homes for sale, for example, what will fit in your home gym area.

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