Change Of Pace

Working out at home in your own gym might already seem like an alternative to going to a public gym everyday. You can do basically whatever routine you want and without leering eyes on you at all times. If you want to do some cardio kickboxing at noon, you can. If you want to go in the backyard of your property and skip rope, you can. There are no limits to working out at home, except for a possible lack of exercise equipment.

Sometimes, though, you feel a bit stifled. Perhaps you've been following a workout or cardio routine and it has lost all the mojo it once had. That's normal. We're fickle creatures and we get bored. It's natural to want to try out a new workout or cardio program. Even if you also go to the gym in addition to working out at home, you might be bored. Gyms don't tend to change often. They have the same employees, the same bench presses, and the same scenery.

It's a bad thing to feel unmotivated to work out because you're bored. That's the first step in a downward spiral that you want to avoid. Instead of sticking to the same routine everyday, try something new. Something fresh. Instead of lifting weights, why not go outside and partake in a game of basketball or volleyball, if the weather permits? Shooting hoops or spiking volleyballs is a great form of fitness and fun. You'll be working your muscles and getting plenty of cardio done. There must be an outdoor basketball court near your home or work place, somewhere.

You don't have to play sports, either. Not everyone is the sporty type. If you just like walking or running, consider alternative times of the day to walk or jog. If you can make the time, why not run or walk to work from your condo, instead of driving? You can challenge yourself each time by trying to beat your previous time. If you're not the type who does much cardio and focuses on working out with exercise equipment such as weights, why not just take your routine outside? Working out in your backyard could be a way to liven your routine up. You can set up various workout stations around the outside of your house. It can be like a one of those workout shows you seen on television.

These are just a few things you might want to consider to freshen up your exercise routine. Just go out and have fun.

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