Benefits of an At Home Workout

What are the benefits of an at-home workout?

Congratulations! You've made the decision to get fit. That's the most important step in starting an exercise program.

On the advice of your more buff colleagues, you leave your home and drive across town to a gym to meet with a personal trainer. It is quite a distance from your home, but your colleagues swear by this gym, and tell you that this personal trainer has the best reputation in the area. After a busy day at work, you drive through rush hour traffic to the gym, hoping that the trainer is flexible with his hours because you really don't want to work out right after work. Your kids have after school activities that you have previously committed to.

You arrive full of enthusiasm feeling highly motivated and proud of yourself that you are finally taking the steps to a more positive lifestyle. You meet with your personal trainer and he assigns you to a group. It becomes obvious right from the first moment that these folks are well versed in the art of exercise. And they all look great in spandex! You begin the exercises led by your trainer. You feel like you are falling behind the rest of the group. You suddenly realize that the enthusiasm you walked in with is starting to wane. One hour suddenly begins to feel like it the longest hour you have ever endured and you would rather spend that time visiting family or friends. When the class is over, you speak to your personal trainer and tell him that you did not feel comfortable with the program. You are honest with him and tell him that you felt intimidated. You tell him that this particular schedule does not work well for you and your family.

He addresses your concerns and tells you that getting fit and reaching your fitness goals should first and foremost be a positive experience. He makes a brilliant suggestion! Why not try personal in-home fitness training? Your enthusiasm returns and you make an appointment with your trainer to come to your home the following week. He can fit you in later in the evening after the kids are back from their activities. He will bring the needed equipment and you will train together at your home twice a week.

Your in-home personal trainer arrives the following week as planned. He sits down and discusses your fitness goals and comes up with a convenient schedule for you. You have your first session in the privacy of your home in your comfortable work out clothes. The next day you are already feeling the benefits. You feel more energized and focused at your job and your level of stress is reduced.

Three months later, you are out shopping for a spiffy new spandex outfit to wear for your workouts. You are proud of how far you've progressed! You may even show up at the gym to show off your new and improved body to your colleagues. Having an in-home personal trainer was key in helping you reach your fitness goals. He helps you to stay motivated and you are committed to the sessions when he arrives at your door. As you progress, he challenges you reach new levels of fitness. Your spouse notices your new sparkle and decides to join you at your next in-home session. Plus, you no longer feel self conscious nor do you suffer with such low self esteem.

Taking the first step was hard. In-home personal training made it so much easier.

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